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At Shumani Industrial Equipment, we specialise in high-quality forklifts and warehousing equipment. We offer excellent forklifts for sale and a wide range of tough and reliable forklift trucks.

Our warehouse equipment solutions include world-class brands such as Bendi, Crown, Doosan, and Hubtex. All our products are made to the highest quality and safety standards, ensuring that you get the ultimate in industrial and warehousing equipment.

Our Products

Our product range includes Hand Pallet Trucks, Power Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Reach Trucks, Electric Counter Balance Trucks, Turret Trucks, IC Counter Balance Trucks, Electric Counter Balance Trucks and Reach Trucks.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Our hand pallet trucks offer a highly functional and durable pallet truck, either as a single or a tandem configuration. They provide a rugged, reliable design that can carry heavy loads of up to 2,300 kg with ease. These hand pallet trucks are ideal for moving heavy equipment and products to your warehouses, construction sites and more. Our hand pallet trucks are designed to be one of the toughest pallet trucks available today.

Powered Pallet Trucks

Our powered pallet trucks have been designed to fit in perfectly between tight spaces while being extremely maneuverable. It can carry heavy loads and withstand quite an impact. These machines were designed to make moving and storage much easier.

These powered pallet trucks come with advanced features, allowing them to handle all your warehousing needs. You can make these pallet trucks part of your warehousing equipment to ensure durability, versatility, and most of all, value for money.

Reach Trucks

At Shumani we offer a range of reliable reach trucks for your every need. From the ESR 5200 cold cab to the full electric reach truck, our forklifts offer comfort, great visibility, and low running cost. These machines have been designed to use intelligent optimised cornering speed, a 360-degree steering system and optional cold storage capacity.

Counter Balance Forklifts

Our range of balance forklifts is among the most reliable and robust in the market. They are designed to optimise warehousing processes and provide speed and power.

Some of the features of our counterbalance forklifts include maintenance-free oil cooled brakes, Operating Sensing System and Doosan Active Control Technology. Both solid tire and pneumatic various are available in five different models.

Turret Trucks

Our range of turret trucks has a larger lifting capacity upwards of 1,500 kg and a lift height in excess of 13 m. These trucks also enable energy efficient, fast-moving capabilities and innovative features such as oil-cooled brake systems, motion control seats, and high visibility.

Our turret trucks can handle a heavy workload with ease, streamlining your warehouse processes. Plus, features such as Mast and Move Control as well as MonoLift makes these turret trucks really unique and one-of-a-kind.


You can also complement your warehousing equipment with stackers, choosing from models such as electric straddle stackers, four-way stackers, pedestrian stackers, and more. Our range of equipment ensures safety, reliability, and durability for your warehousing needs.

With load capacities ranging from 1,250 to 2,000 kg, our stackers can handle any job. View our product range to find the best solution for your warehousing needs.

In addition to our range of forklifts and warehouse equipment, Shumani also has a variety of bob体育下载 for sale. This includes excavators, telescopic handlers, and skid steer loaders. Our reliable, durable equipment comes with a quality guarantee as well as complete support for each of our products.

Whether you need reliable access equipment or high-performing engines, Shumani has everything you need. View through our product range to find exactly what you need. Our helpful team can work with you to find the industrial equipment you need for any project or environment and we only supply well-known reliable brands.

We offer the highest level of technical and customer support for all our products, making Shumani Industrial a leader in the industry and the only 51% Black Owned supplier of industrial equipment in South Africa.

For more information about our forklifts and warehousing equipment, please get in touch.


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